Curated Collections of quality handmade leather bows and earrings. Our hope is to share unique and classic pieces to you and your little ones. Always 100% hand cut, 100% handmade in the USA. Everything is created out of my home in Louisiana. Enjoy and Thank You for supporting small businesses! 

An idea turned into a successful business. One day as I was sitting home thinking about what can I do as a home business. So I had an idea to create my own style of quality leather bows. I started off with just one style and just kept on creating. I never gave up even after with 4 months of no sales on Etsy. Eventually it caught on! They are modern, simple and are a stand out from all other bows. I have 2 beautiful boys that I love very much! I will continue to do this with all my heart. I love what I do. Handmade products are something special. Please take care of my bitty bows, treat them like you would a piece of jewelry. All the best!